Shab E Meraj Date 2024

On 08 February in Bangladesh is Shab E Meraj. Also, it is a government holiday also. All the Govt employees can achieve a holiday which is on 09 February. The Shab E Meraj night is very important for all Muslim nations. Because on that night Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) meet our almighty Allah in the heavens. On that day Allah ordered to all Muslims that we should pray the prayer 5 times in every day.

After that every year on the Shab E Meraj night Muslims spend the whole night in Ibadat Bandegi for achieve almighty Allah’s satisfaction. So we must need to know the Shab E Meraj Date 2024. In this article today i am going to share the date & other information about the holy Shab E Meraj.

Shab E Meraj 2024

By following the Islamic calendar, every year on 26 Rajab is observed Shab E Meraj. So this year on 08 February will be held that day. Shab-e-Meraj holds a profound place in the hearts of Muslims, providing an opportunity for seeking forgiveness and drawing closer to Allah.

Shab E Meraj Date 2024

In the below table i added Bangla, English & Islamic date of Shab E Meraj.

Information Details
Bangla Date ২৫শে মাঘ, ১৪৩০ বঙ্গাব্দ
English Date Thursday, February 8th, 2024
Islamic Date ২৬ রজব ১৪৪৫ হিজরি

Shab E Meraj 2024 Date in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is Muslim country, and most of the people in this country follow Islam. So most of them want to know Shab E Meraj 2024 Date in Bangladesh. Because this night is another opportunity for us for achieve almighty Allah satisfaction. In 2024 the Shab E Meraj will be held on 08 February Thursday. On that night Muslims will pray Nofol Prayer.

Sobe Meraj Kobe 2024

Do you know that is year Sobe Meraj Kobe 2024? In Bangladesh on 8 Feb will held Shab E Meraj night. As a muslim we should follow all Islamic rules, otherwise, we can not achieve almighty Allah’s satisfaction. This night is another best way to get close allah by pray Nofof Ibadat & Nafal Prayer. So most of the Muslim people do it in the whole night. Also, we can achieve a holiday from the government of Bangladesh.

Final Word

As a Muslim we must seek the pleasure of Almighty Allah. We can achieve this satisfaction by performing more and more Ibadat. In this article already share the Shab E Meraj Date of 2024. We already know that this year on 08 February, the Holy Shab E Meraj. So we must pray nofol namaz & others Ibadat in the whole night.